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    I am John Marvell; I was a senior gym instructor in a renowned health fitness center in the US for 15 years.
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During my work experience, I noticed that while giving instructions and guiding people about different kinds of workout in the gym, they didn’t know about the gym equipments that they were using. In a gym, there are various kinds of equipments, you may know about a few of them like treadmill and dumbbells, but I am sure that there must be some equipment, which you don’t know about their functions and names. After having complete information about the equipments in the gym, you will gradually start utilizing maximum benefits from the workout in the gym and surely you will find more interest in it. Look at the list below of some important equipment.

Leg Press

The leg press is the best way to burn your calorie from the butts and thighs. This gives power and strength to your legs. You can reduce maximum calorie from that specific area.

Cross Trainer

This is the easiest way to do aerobic exercise in the cross trainer. Your upper and lower body gets toned. This is an excellent workout to lose some weight, increase stamina and flexibility.

Smith Machine

Smith machine is exercising equipment which is specifically used for weight training. It has barbells which are good for power lifting.

Exercise Bikes

Exercise bikes are well known for strengthening the thigh, knees and leg muscles. And it is also beneficial to increase stamina. This is a high technology exercise machine.

Rotary Torso Machine

The rotary torso machine is a good workout for the core muscles and stomach area. It strengthens the muscles of the back and stomach.

It is essential for every one of us to know the names of the gym equipments and its uses. There are many more equipments in the gym, but the above machines which I have discussed are the most effective exercises equipments, which are commonly used. If you are a beginner then take help of your gym trainer to guide you so that you can get the maximum benefits from these equipments.

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